04.11.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Juan Aktins's dusts off Metroplex, releases single, hints at Model 500 album

25-year-old, literally seminal Detroit techno label returns from 7 year hiatus with single by Kimyon and possible Model 500 album.

“Seminal label” is a piece of rather over-used music journalese, but in the case of Metroplex, the label of Juan Atkins, who invented techno with a few friends from Detroit actually deserved that title, releasing some of Juan and his friend’s most influential records.

Set up 25 years ago, Metroplex will release its first record since 2008 with Kimyon’s Platform View. The Brooklyn producer collaborated on Work For Money, below two years ago.

Juan himself will be dusting off Model 500, one of his many monikers, for a new album in 2012, and has hinted at a full rerelease of Model 500 records.

A1 Platform View
B1 Make The Bed
B2 Crunktastikk

Metroplex will release Kimyon’s Platform View on November 4th, 2011.

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