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06.08.2021, Words by Billy Ward

Kanye West teases new track 'Glory' in Beats commercial with Sha'Carri Richardson

The secret track was produced by Dr. Dre and features Snoop Dogg...

Ahead of the re-scheduled August 6 release date for ‘DONDA’, Beats has shared a commercial of Sha’Carri Richardson running to Kanye West’s ‘Glory’, a secret track produced by Dr. Dre and featuring Snoop Dogg.

Fans were given a preview of Kanye’s ‘No Child Left Behind’ in another Beats advert featuring the sprinter, however, the album was ultimately postponed and the rapper has reportedly been staying in the Mercedes Benz Stadium where he had his first listening party to finalise the record.

While the new campaign serves as additional promotion for the highly anticipated ‘DONDA’ album, the short clip is the only vehicle to share ‘Glory’ at the moment, as the track is not set to be included on the record and there is no immediate date to release the song.

Last night, Kanye held another listening party which saw him deliver what was presumably the final draft of the album to fans. In the run up to the event, the rapper launched a muted “Countdown to Donda” livestream that offered a glimpse at the behind-the-scenes workings of the album and included appearances from The Lox, Fivio Foreign, Steve Lacey, Vice Mensa, and more. West could be seen sleeping, lifting weights and staring at the camera in the pre-event stream which set the abstract tone for the listening party.

Setting up the stage to mimic his living quarters in the stadium for the last two weeks, the rapper’s bed was the focal point of the theatrical performance which climaxed with Kanye ascending to heaven to the sound of ‘No Child Left Behind’.

Watch the new advert featuring Sha’Carri Richardson below:


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