Krystal Klear 2
09.01.2014, Words by dummymag

Krystal Klear - Squad

House and disco supremo inaugurates his own label with a DJ-focused production.

Cold Tonic is a new label from Manchester DJ and producer Krystal Klear, with an inaugural release coming from the boss man himself.

Squad has a pretty simple remit, seeing Krystal Klear turning his hand to clubbier, DJ-focused tracks, something which is definitely welcomed: pop songs like Addiction certainly carry hooks aplenty, but it'd be a shame for him to forego DJ productions entirely because, as Squad ably demonstrates, he can do them really well.

The artwork for the release comes from Manchester's Jon K, one of the finest DJs alive and one of the residents at the city's Hoya:Hoya party alongside Krystal Klear. Another Hoya:Hoya resident is Illum Sphere, a name worth bringing up because Squad is quite similar to a lot of Illum's own productions – not stylistically, but in the way that it seems to transform, quite subtly, into a whole different track in its final act, much like Illum's h808er and his recent Sleeprunner.

Cold Tonic will release Squad on February 3rd 2014.

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