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L-Vis 1990 unveils debut album details

Night Slugs co-founder L-Vis 1990 will release his debut full-length 'Neon Dreams' in September.

L-Vis 1990 (real name James Connolly), who is responsible for one of his label’s most prominent tracks from last year, Forever You, has announced details of his debut LP ‘Neon Dreams’. The album was created through hardware gear, mostly on an Roland-707 drum machine; and features guest vocalists including Corey Black, Javeon McCarthy, Samantha Lim, Para One & Teki Latex and Julio Bashmore.

He was inspired by Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and Basement Jaxx. In his words “Their albums transcended time and any musical fads, but most of all they took you on a journey. Creating ‘Neon Dreams’ for me was about recapturing these elements that made me fall in love with dance music all those years ago.”

L-Vis 1990: ‘Neon Dreams’ [PMR/Island] tracklisting:

1. Vague Flashes ft. Corey Black
2. Forever You ft. Javeon McCarthy
3. The Beach
4. I Feel It
5. Play It Cool ft. Samantha Lim
6. Shy Light ft. Para One & Teki Latex
7. Cruisin’
8. Feel The Void ft. Para One & Teki Latex
9. Illusions
10. Tonight
11. Here With You ft. Para One & Teki Latex
12. Lost In Love ft. Javeon McCarthy
13. True Romance
14. One More Day ft. Javeon McCarthy & Julio Bashmore
15. Neon Dreams

PMR/Island will release L-Vis 1990’s ‘Neon Dreams’ on the 26th September

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