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20.09.2013, Words by Aimee Cliff

Lady Gaga - Applause (Purity Ring remix)

The Montreal duo take the song out of the stadium, but don't take the stadium out of the song.

Montreal duo Purity Ring have proven themselves as adept makers of stadium-sized pop today by stripping chart behemoth Lady Gaga's bombastic single Applause down to its core elements, creating an artful whirlwind of theatrical, thudding noises that somehow manage to sound more elegant and refined than the original while still retaining its sing-along, hand-clapping thrust. Purity Ring member Corin Ruddick told Dazed Digital, who premiered the remix this morning, that he began by paring the track back to just the vocal, before rebuilding the instrumental around the flair of Gaga's voice. You can really hear that level of attention to detail and reconstruction – this is a shapeshifting take on the original, with a crooked dance-pop life of its own. 


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