24.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Lady Gaga – Yoü And I (Wild Beasts remix) [stream]

Literate, filthy band from Cumbria take Gaga's new single on surprising, stately piano techno train-ride.

Wild Beasts, a band whose latest album ‘Smother’ music is increasingly moving toward techno’s elegant, intricate textures, took on Lady Gaga’s recent single Yoü And I. It’s not the most obvious decision, but what could have gone A over T ended up being one of the best A&R decisions of the summer – the original’s power rock pomp has been replaced by something altogether more European, reminiscent of the sort of music Dial releases or The Field does so well, the stuff that sounds like staring through a train window at misty countryside zipping past, lost in thoughts of heartache, while wearing a very nice, and very expensive, woollen jumper. This is, it could be said, our thing.

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