30.03.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Legendary Hacienda club recreated in London's museum

Manchester's most famous nightclub has been recreated for a new design exhibition held at the Victoria and Albert.

Parts of the iconic Hacienda have been rebuilt at the Victoria Albert Museum by architect Ben Kelly and designer Peter Saville.

The legendary venue – also known for its links with drugs, gangs, and police – was opened in 1982 by Factory Records boss Tony Wilson and members of the band New Order and continued to function until 1997 when it closed down.

The design exhibition features the club’s dancefloor, bollards and trademark striped girders, reports BBC News. The museum is also exhibiting Factory Records posters and New Order album covers designed by Peter Saville as models of the best design in the last decades.

When interviewed by the Manchester Evening News, Ben Kelly, one of the UK’s most respected architects and interior designers, said he has taken elements that represent exactly the design of the club, although the space is only a small fraction of the original. He also said there won’t be original parts of the club, as they were all sold off. The 2012 Hacienda has then all been done from scratch.

The recreation is part of the musuem’s British Design 1948-2012 show, which showcases the iconic design in the UK since the 1948 Olympics. The show runs at the V&A Gallery until August 12.

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