03.05.2013, Words by dummymag

Legowelt - Loch Ness: The Complete Soundtrack

The Dutch electro hero has composed a 9-track accompaniment to a fan-made video game.

‘Loch Ness: The Complete Soundtrack’ is the latest giveaway from eccentric electronic artist Danny Wolfers, aka Legowelt, Nacho Patrol, and Squadra Blanco, amongst others. This largely ambient score, engulfed in warm pools of tape hiss, is the result of an online competition on his website where fans were asked to design their own Commodore 64 computer game. The winner was not only to have Wolfers produce an audio accompaniment but also for the game to be programmed by his own software company, PACIFIC MICRO. ‘Loch Ness’ won out in the end, designed by Englishman Rashid Maheswari: an adventure in which the protagonist was to find proof of the existence of the fabled Scottish sea-dwelling monster.

Now, three months after the first track was unveiled on his site, Wolfers’ fans from across the cyber realms have been treated to what he describes as “9 songs aprox. 45 minutes of liquid emitting haunting epicness to play as the background music for your life’s paranoid pandemoniums and mystic endeavorments!” [sic]

The album is available to download here, on his exquisite website.

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