03.06.2013, Words by dummymag

Lone - Airglow Fires

The Manchester-based producer's new single sheds some of the neo-rave aesthetics of 'Galaxy Garden', but loses none of his bounce.

Having shared a couple of ditties over the last six months, which appeared to signal more abstract territory, Lone is back in a renewed exuberant mood with his new single on R&S, Airglow Fires. While not having entirely got over the neo-rave fireworks of ‘Galaxy Garden’ (you can detect some of the same twinkling textures surfacing here), Airglow Fires is packed with ideas – certainly into a bright-eyed shuffle whose vintage synth textures offer comparisons to Kelpe’s excellent new album. As these elements grind into an infectious groove, the subtle rap influences first suggested by the intermittent hyped “what!” and “uh!” samples come to the fore with the track’s unexpected vinyl crackle breakdown at the end. The artwork (pictured) is pretty striking, too.

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