26.09.2017, Words by dummymag

Loyle Carner is swapping places on his concert guestlist for vintage football shirts

If you don't know by now, U.K. rapper Loyle Carner is quite the football fan. You can't see him on stage without an England shirt on or his Cantona top, in recognition of his late stepfather's favourite player, and he always shows support on social media for his team of choice, Liverpool. The London-based musician is set to go on tour in support of his debut album, Yesterday's Gone, starting this week in Dublin, and the demand for tickets is high. So high that one fan came up with an ingenious idea to get on the guestlist.

A dedicated fan who missed out on tickets to the Dublin show offered Carner a vintage 1990 Sweden shirt in exchange for two spots on the guestlist, an offer Loyle swiftly accepted. In a series of tweets, the rapper later encouraged other fans to do the exact same, which has resulted in a myriad of shirts and concert spaces being swapped in the last 24 hours.

Quite the refreshing way to get to your favourite rapper's concert. Check out some of this online bargaining below…


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