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12.01.2021, Words by Felicity Martin

MC Grindah confirms Casisdead's album is coming post-lockdown

"He just wants to get this lockdown sh*t over and it's gonna come out."

On a recent episode of the Chattin’ Sh*t podcast, hosted by Allan ‘Seapa’ Mustafa (aka Grindah of Kurupt FM) and Hugo Chegwin (aka DJ Beats), Grindah appeared to confirm Casisdead’s album would be coming out after lockdown.

Answering a question involving Casisdead’s long-awaited LP, Grindah said: “Bruv, I messaged him the other day and he told me it’s coming. He just wants to get this lockdown sh*t over and it’s gonna come out.”

“Yeah I get that, he wants to do shows as well … He wants the people to really enjoy it,” Beats added. “I have a suspicion Cas is a perfectionist,” Beats said.

Grindah added: “He said that we should go down to his studio to listen to it.”

Though no full tracks from the album have been revealed yet, Casisdead has stayed active on the merch front, dropping new bits of clothing, although the store has recently been deactivated.

Cas fans on Reddit recently discovered that if you call the number 023 9422 5723, and press the # key twice, you can hear a snippet of an exclusive Casisdead tune. (Dummy has tested it out and we can confirm it’s not a scam).

Listen to the episode in full below.


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