30.08.2013, Words by Aimee Cliff

Mountain Range - A Silence of Three Parts

Sarcastically titled euphoric crashes of ambient noise from the London producer.

A Silence Of Three Parts by London producer Mountain Range (aka Stuart Thomas) is anything but silent; perhaps it's referring to the silent period of time when, after sojourning in the intense shifts of this song, you sit for a while with your mind empty. After an abrasive beginning, like a thousand bits of masking tape being sequentially ripped off of some gravel, we're thrown onto the shore of some very pretty sounds – glockenspiel chimes and organ synth creating an icy atmosphere. A clattering, double-time dancehall-type beat leads us on towards the next section, as the organic percussive sounds come up against unrelenting waves of synth chord that build and build, crashing against your ears. It's a euphoric storm that clears the mind.

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