10.08.2012, Words by dummymag

Ever wondered whether Skrillex would eat Michael Jackson?

The eccentric interviewer Nardwuar raises some interesting topics with Skrillex

Nardwuar is a Canadian based celebrity interviewer, an incredibly intelligent man with a very unusual style. Here he interviews Skrillex in Vancouver, BC, Canada whilst on the road for the Full Flex Express also featuring the likes of Grimes and Blood Diamonds. The knowledge Nardwuar holds of Skrillex is immense, presenting him with various gifts, from his first childhood CD to a vinyl of The Winston’s Amen Brother , one of the most sampled piece of music to date, being used in an array of R&B beats and spawning the way for drum and bass and jungle music.

Highlights from the interview include news of a potential collaboration between Skrillex and fatman scoop, Nardwuar questioning Skrillex as to whether he loves Michael Jackson enough to eat him and Nardwuar presenting Ellie Goulding with a Dolly Parton EP.

Watch for yourself below.

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