21.11.2017, Words by dummymag

New Music: Callosum - Tenaya EP

Following on from his Sun EP, New York-based producer Callosum returns with a spanking new project released via Bristol-based imprint Nostro Hood System (NHS). ‘Tenaya' presents a selection of truly energetic and emotive tracks that sit comfortably between the realm of club music and musical prowess.

The name of the project is taken directly from its source: the Tenaya Peak in the Yosemite High Country – a place where strange ecology and otherworldly scale combine in a sense of profound euphoria. Callosum captures this experience brilliantly through his NHS release, harnessing the sensation of connectivity he feels to the planet he occupies. Expect a dream-like journey infused with heavenly melodies, intricate synth work, thumping drums and rumbling basslines.

Listen below.

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