18.04.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Night Slugs stands tall with news of Jam City album and Girl Unit EP

British high-concept club music label announces next set of releases.

British bass music label Night Slugs is readying another frontal assault on the boundaries of art and club music with the release of two long-awaited records from its core team.

Full details of Jam City’s album ‘Classical Curves’ has been announced. The album will be released on the usual formats on 28 May 2012, and the artwork is above.

The press release calls this “a record about elegance, violence, electricity, water, marble, plants, trenchcoats, oily black jeep windows, crashed motorbikes, parks at twilight, clubs in the dark, broken DX7s and missed phone calls, written and recorded over a hot summer in a cramped flat with neighbours having sex through the walls.” We call it “an astounding insight into how to invoke 10,000 years of human civilisation from rock gongs to the Burj Dubai with nothing more than soft synths and a hard mind.”

Here is the tracklist:

1 – Backseat Becomes A Zone While We Glide
2 – Her
3 – The Courts
4 – B.A.D.
5 – How We Relate To The Body
6 – Club Thanz
7 – Hyatt Park Nights Pt. 1
8 – Hyatt Park Nights Pt. 2
9 – Strawberries
10 – Love Is Real
BONUS TRACK – The Nite Life ft Main Attrakionz

Here Daniel Silver’s video to The Courts, which is probably the best dance song of the last year, and perhaps the best music video too.

Jam City will play the following dates:

04-May-12 – Leeds (Night Slugs 4th Birthday tour)
10-May-12 – Brighton (Great Escape)
18-May-12 – London (Night Slugs 4th Birthday tour)
19-May-12 – Manchester (Night Slugs 4th Birthday tour)
25-May-12 – Utrecht
27-May-12 – Edinburgh
07-Jun-12 – Dublin
27-july-12 – NYC
28-july-12 – San Francisco
03-aug-12 – LA (Fade To Mind party)

Which is good news.

Speaking of which, Girl Unit will follow his year-best track Wut with a new EP ‘Club Rez’ on the 7th May, according to those good people at Junoplus. It will be presented on two white 12“s and will contain “transcendental club music”. Hooray!

These are the names of the songs that will be on the EP in order of appearance.

1. Ensemble
2. Cake Boss
3. Plaza
4. Double Take
5. Rezday
6. Club Rez

Stream the London producer’s remix of Katy B for a quick taste of what to expect.

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