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18.09.2023, Words by Billy Ward

Nines announces new 'Crop Circle 3' album

'Crop Circle 2' was only released 5 months ago...

Just five months after the release of the critically acclaimed 'Crop Circle 2', Nines shares news of yet another addition to the highly-regarded series. 

Dropping October 6, the surprise announcement solidifies his position as one of the most consistent and iconic rappers in the UK. And if his last two 'Crop Circle' records are anything to go off, it's likely we'll get a new short film to accompany the anticipated release. 

With over 150 million global streams and the best-selling UK rap album of its time, Nines' sophomore release, 'Crop Circle', catapulted him to legendary status. Remarkably, the follow up record 'Crop Circle 2' had just as big of an impact, becoming the most streamed British album in its first week of release. 

The rapper's immense 2023 work rate will be for all to see next month as he looks to make it three legendary albums in a row. 

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