17.12.2012, Words by dummymag

Odd Future are in trouble again!

Tyler and Co. are alleged to have attacked a teenage fan in Texas, but there's some debate about who initiated the whole thing.

Hip hop collective Odd Future have been accused of attacking a teenage fan at a show in San Antonio, Texas earlier this month. Reports claim that Chassan Rasagi, 17, jumped onto the stage and was immediately attacked by members of the LA group. Rasagi’s attempts to get off the stage were allegedly resisted by the crowd and members of Odd Future, and he “suffered lacerations on his head, scratches, and burns to his body” and “two seizures” in the resulting brawl.

Odd Future see things as having gone down slightly differently – claiming that Rasagi threw the first punch. People who were in the crowd have since backed this up, and a clip of the incident – which you can view below – seems to support this sequence of events. Rasagi may not have done himself many favours since, taking to Twitter to discuss how he would spend his money if he successfully sues the group, and even retweeting a comment appearing to support the view that he initiated the fight.

Odd Future live shows are quite the controversy magnets these days: other incidents have seen Left Brain accused of slapping a photographer, and Tyler The Creator forced to fork out $8,000 after damaging sound equipment. The brawl rounds off a year in which it feels like some of the OF hype has plateaued somewhat following the muted reaction to their second group mixtape, and also included this still rather baffling appearance on the BBC’s Newsnight.

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