19.08.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Oneohtrix Point Never - BOTDF eccojam

One of the greatest minds of our generation uploads a new "ecco jam" to Soundcloud ahead of his just-announced new album.

Daniel Lopatin, very good Brooklyn musician, has this great series called Echo Jams, where he rewires popular songs into eternal suspended presents. It’s really cool. You should head over to Sunsetcorp, his YouTube page, for more of this. or buy (!) the DVD Memory Vague, which collects all this astounding (and we do not use this word lightly) jams together.

Anyway, last night, he uploaded a new track to his Soundcloud, called it “Ecco Jam” (like the dolphin, hopefully, not the ladies shoe) and it’s really lovely.

BOTDF eccojam by Oneohtrix Point Never

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