12.04.2013, Words by dummymag

Pále and Joshua Idehen - Playing Truant

The London-via-Manchester producer sends the LV collaborator's words skyward.

Here’s a collaboration from UK producer Pále and wordsmith Joshua Idehen – who most will still know best for his work with LV on 2011 album ‘Routes’. The production moves with those à la mode yearns and aches, closely echoing Parisian’s recent ‘Daul Kim’ EP for Push & Run – but it’s got a sweeping airiness that glides Joshua’s words skyward. “These are the moments that shape us… These are the moments that take us”, pronounces Joshua, with commanding and fiery momentum. Playing Truant will serve as the title track on a forthcoming EP on GETME!. Stream it below, and out to Abeano for the premiere.

GETME! Records will release the ‘Playing Truant’ EP on the 6th May.

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