Perera elsewhere everlast deluxe
01.04.2014, Words by Anthony Walker

Perera Elsewhere - Light Bulb (Shlohmo remix)

Stream this ground-down remix of the haunting singer, picked from the upcoming deluxe edition of her debut album.

Friends of Friends artists Perera Elsewhere and Shlohmo have been brought together for this foreboding remix of the former's Light Bulb. This particular remix is a heavy-lidded, stretched-out synth-ballad in the signature Shlohmo style, with the forecast firmly set to cloudy with a strong chance of rain. 

It features on the deluxe edition of the singer's 2013 album 'Everlast' – set to be released this May with more remixes from a wide range of electronic producers, as detailed below. 


01. Schlepperblume (Bonus Track)
02. Drunk Man (Prefuse 73 AA Meditation Mix)
03. Giddy ft Gonjasufi (Planningtorock Remix)
04. Bizarre (Kyson Remix)
05. Light Bulb (Shlohmo Remix) 
06. Ebora ft Aremu (Paula Temple Remix) 
07. Dreamt That Dream (Tom Demac Remix) 
08. Shady ft Springintgut (Moire Remix) 
09. Bongoloid (Antipop Consortium Remix) 
10. Carousel (Fis Remix) 
11. The Zap (Gobby Remix) 
12. Lazy (Benjamin Damage Remix) 
13. Dimmed Down (Rroxymore Remix)

Friends of Friends will release 'Everlast' (Deluxe Edition) on 6th May 2013. 

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