01.03.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Peter Saville, Trevor Horn and Peter Hook on Paul Morley's Radio 4 doc on the 12" single

Utilitarian, full-bodied, pure – the 12" gets its rightful run-down in Paul Morley's piece for BBC Radio 4.

Charge your iPLayers – at 11.30 today, fantastic music journalist and ZZT Records head Paul Morley presented a documentary on that most poetic, most utilitarian, most sexy of formats, the 12” record. It’s the story of how the format of disco took over pop, and,through conversations with Peter Saville, Trevor Horn and Peter Hook, how a group of theorist-artists produced some of the best pop of all time.

Listen to The 12 Inch Single on iPlayer right away.

[Cheers for the tip, FACT]

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