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11.12.2019, Words by Felicity Martin

1,500 DJs call for 'eco-riders' in new Plastic Free Party initiative

Richie Hawtin, Honey Dijon and Cassy have all signed up for plastic-free DJ booths...

A new ‘Plastic Free Party’ pledge has seen over 1,500 high-profile DJs sign up to a drive calling for eco-riders to be made the industry standard.

Launching today (December 11th), the sustainability move has seen artists including Richie Hawtin, Pete Tong, Honey Dijon, Ben Klock, Cassy, Sven Väth and more sign up for single-use plastic-free DJ booths.

It’s the work of Bye Bye Plastic – an initiative set up by BLOND:ISH, which aims to remove all single-use plastics from the music industry by 2025.

The music industry has been increasing its conversations around reducing its carbon footprint, and the news comes after Oval Space announced it would eradicate all single-use plastic from its venues.

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