15.04.2013, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Andrew Bayer - Soul Cry

The DC producer abstracts Des'ree's 'Kissing You' over glimmering electro rhythms with tension-building results.

Washington DC’s Andrew Bayer is releasing his second LP ‘If It Were You, We’d Never Leave’ in a few weeks, and here’s a first listen to Soul Cry. It draws on Des’ree’s heart-rattling Kissing You, now inescapably tied to that scene from Romeo + Juliet, reconfiguring snippets of piano and voice around glimmering layers of stop/start beatwork. Just as things as have come to a head, Soul Cry folds back in on itself, as a music box helps breathe out all its built up tension.

Apparently, Andrew was told that the chances of Des’ree approving the sample were around the “0.001%”, but the singer is reported to have been such a fan of Soul Cry it was given the green light. Proof of “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” I suppose, and excellent-sounding proof at that.

Ajunabeats will release ‘If It Were You, We’d Never Leave’ on the 22nd April.

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