07.06.2013, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Blludd Relations - 'Blludd Relations' [LP stream]

Listen exclusively to Jesse Hackett and mad pop professor Bullion's debut album in full right now.

Blludd Relations is the collaborative project of Jesse Hackett (of Elmore Judd/Owiny Sigoma Band) and Dilla-splicing, wacky pop professor Bullion. Bullion being a man who’s not averse to spreading himself around various projects, Blludd Relations followed hot on the heels of his Nautic group delivering the wondrous Fixxx, with Even Steven first showing up on an introductory mix sampling his new DEEK label. When Dummy spoke to Bullion back then, he promised a Blludd Relations debut some time this year. Now near enough slap-bang halfway through 2013, the self-titled debut is upon us – and we’re thrilled to be able to give you a first listen to the album ahead of its release next week.

After (non-LP) LP ‘You Drive Me To Plastic’ and last year’s ‘Love Me Oh Please Love Me’ EP, ‘Blludd Relations’ feels like the full-length Bullion release that many have craved for years – and he has clearly found a like-minded collaborator in Hackett. When we interviewed Bullion a few years back, he said he’d been getting inspired by the kind of lo-fi home recordings that were rife in the 80s. Such inspirations are clear in Blludd Relations’ ticker-tape drum machines and schmaltzy keyboards, while his overt love of Robert Wyatt – who he covered on ‘LMOPLM’ – is a clear reference point right through these oozy, eccentric songs.

The recently shared Anything But The Fingers is a summery synth joy, and closer Tape R D Leg wraps you up in layers of vocoder-ed warmth (any album that ends with a flute solo must be doing something right). Meanwhile, Even Steven has lost none of its fizz, and only seems to become more perfectly formed the longer you spend with it. ‘Blludd Relations’ signals excellent things for the future of DEEK, and seals Bullion’s place as one of the most vital figures in British underground pop.

DEEK will release ‘Blludd Relations’ on June 10th; order it here.

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