08.10.2012, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Dam Mantle & Lovers' Rights - EP

Dam Mantle joins forces with fellow Glaswegian producers Lovers' Rights on an EP which utilises a variety of dance styles to unique effect.

Ahead of his imminent debut album release, electronic producer Dam Mantle has provided more than enough reason to excitedly anticipate his first record proper, with an EP that showcases Scottish music production at its most innovative, aided in part by its inclusion of fellow Glaswegian bass trio Lovers’ Rights.

Dam Mantle’s very own Brother’s Fowl sets the EP off, and considering its initial use of melancholic piano backdrop accompanied by a flurry of sombre, warped vocals, the eventual house-guided rhythm which blossoms from within displays Dam Mantle’s ability to mould his music from one mood to the next with distinct clarity. Proceeded by a further downtempo groove entitled Dublin, the Glasgow-based producer shows his knack for an evolving beat even further, with subtle nuances such as synthy echoes and percussive inflections allowing the track to come and go as it pleases, and in whatever direction it likes.

Lovers’ Rights comes equipped with tracks that abide by more conventional means, although only slightly: Cnidarian follows a fluttering high-end bass melody that hovers over dubstep-based, sparse percussion, keeping the listener solely focused on the bass-driven melody. Make Your Own Milk is different in the sense that its house-inclined beat allows room for more obvious musical manipulation with synths pulsating constantly back and forth, before finally flourishing with an immaculate house drive towards the very end.

Hear the collaborative EP just below via SoundCloud:

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