03.06.2013, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Fuewa - Time Paint

Fuzzy, warm and sad - hear a new track from Fuewa aka Microburst's upcoming cassette for Sonic Router.

Fuewa is the alias of Chris Sallows, a musician that some may be familiar with under his more common moniker, Microburst. Fuewa is an outlet for Sallows’s excursions into rougher territories – decay, messy arrangements, audio fragments – as a way to separate a sound that he felt was creeping too heavily into his Microburst productions before it got too out of hand. ‘Birth Palace’ is a six track cassette due out next month through blog-turned-label Sonic Router, and features the incredible Time Paint, a droning house track with the warmth and sad beauty of a Border Community cut buried six feet deep in fuzz.

Sonic Router will release ‘Birth Palace’ on July 1st.

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