05.11.2013, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Perfume Advert - 'Tulpa' [album stream]

Brittle house music from exotic Middlesbrough.

Hailing from the exotic locale that is Middlesbrough, UK, Perfume Advert make crushed house music that feels like it's splintering at the edges. Apparently laying their tracks down in an upstairs bedroom of one of the town's many small houses, Perfume Advert cobbled together nine missives for their new cassette 'Tulpa'. As you might gather from that description, there's little in the way of overdubs or post-production, just brittle-boned techno jams.

'Tulpa' is due out today (November 5th) via Vancouver tape label 1080p, who have released a lot of murky house and techno despite taking their name from pristine high definition resolutions.

1080p will release 'Tulpa' on November 5th 2013. Head here to buy a cassette.

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