03.05.2017, Words by dummymag

Premiere: The Golden Filter 'Now We Get Lost'

The Golden Filter are a very creative band. Having recently released their excellent 'Still/Alone' album on Optimo, that explored both the clubbier and poppier sides to their personalities, Stephen and Penelope decided the next step was to make videos to some of the tracks from the album. But rather than commissioning a video director and all the expense and loss of control that entails they have instead got their iPhones out and filmed them themselves. The first of these is a video for the intense and hypnotic 'Now We Get Lost' that is essentially Penelope wandering down a hotel corridor while being subjected to all manner of effects courtesy of a new video editing app called Glitché. It's pretty cool.

The Golden Filter: "In March, we were in Berlin about to play live at 4am at Panorama Bar in Berghain. We tried to get a bit of sleep beforehand at the hotel, but the air conditioning didn’t work and we started to feel bit panicky and oxygen deprived. On the way out of the hotel, we turned on the camera, and this is what happened. Seemed fitting, as the track is about losing yourself. Video via iPhone / Oddities by #Glitché / Music purely analog."

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