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Preview Oneohtrix Point Never's 'Garden of Delete' in MIDI

Daniel Lopatin adds excerpts of the new album in a 17-minute compilation.

Oneohtrix Point Never has previewed his upcoming album 'Garden of Delete' in MIDI form.

Daniel Lopatin has added excerpts of his eighth album into a 17-minute long compilation, performed on a MIDI piano roll and uploaded to his Instagram page. Just for kicks, Daniel Lopatin has also stated that the work (now on Youtube) was sent to him by his alien friend Ezra, who was introduced to the world during Lopatin's teaser trailer in August. Furthermore, the collection of tracks has been taken from the website for KAOSS EDGE – the fictional group that has played on 'Garden of Delete'.

Listen to the collection above and read the story behind the MIDIs here.

Update (15:30): Oneohtrix Point Never is asking fans to send interpretations of the MIDI files so that they can eventually be shared as a collective archive. A press release states that "fans may approach the midi as if it was a starting point for new work," and to send all takes to

Daniel Lopatin has also announced details of a world tour, including a date at London's Illuminations Festival on November 8th. For full details, head to the Warp Records website

Oneohtrix Point Never will release 'Garden of Delete' on November 13th through Warp Records (pre-order).

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