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27.10.2014, Words by dummymag

Ryan Hemsworth releases everything, ever

Grab seven albums, nine singles, exclusive photos, and a "special surprise" for free in a BitTorrent bundle from Ryan Hemsworth.

Seven albums, nine singles, exclusive photos, and a "special surprise": Ryan Hemsworth has put practically everything he's released out in a special bundle on BitTorrent called 'Hemsworth Country'.

Coming complete with vaguely unsettling Donky Kong-referencing artwork, 'Hemsworth Country' follows on from Thom Yorke's surprise album 'Tomorrow's Modern Boxes' in the 'crazy BitTorrent collection!!' theme. 

Why the generosity? For starters, we'd wager that Hemsworth is no stranger to torrenting massive amounts of music in the past, so probably has no qualms about giving his own music away. More importantly, he just announced a new album, 'Alone For The First Time', and is probably looking to promote that.

Anyway, head on over to BitTorrent to grab the whole thing. 

Last Gang/Secret Songs release 'Alone For The First Time' on November 3rd 2014 (pre-order).

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