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03.11.2020, Words by Felicity Martin

Spotify announces new feature where artists can promote their music at a price

Is it a beneficial feature or an example of pay-to-play?

Spotify has announced a new feature for artists and labels seeking to increase streams for their artists.

It will offer a new function allowing creators to boost their visibility through Spotify’s algorithmic music selector, in exchange for a lowered “promotional recording royalty rate” when those tracks are played during those autoplay or radio sessions.

“In this new experiment, artists and labels can identify music that’s a priority for them, and our system will add that signal to the algorithm that determines personalized listening sessions,” the press release reads. “This allows our algorithms to account for what’s important to the artist.”

“We believe this new service will unlock more discoveries than ever before,” it adds. “Our recommendations rely on signals from you, so keep on listening to what you love!”

The news comes at a time where there has been increased debate around Spotify’s payout to artists and whether it is fair.

The United Musicians and Allied Workers Union (UMAW) recently launched a Justice At Spotify campaign, demanding the platform increase its average streaming royalty from $.0038 USD to one cent per stream for all artists, which has currently been signed by 16,192 artists.

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