19.02.2014, Words by Anthony Walker

Stream patten's new album 'ESTOILE NAIANT'

The latest from the cerebral but playful Warp-signed producer is waiting for you on the internet.

The ever-inscrutable patten has his second album 'ESTOILE NAIANT' streaming in full on his official website, though you may need it pointed out on a page best described as a "fun headache". It is the eighth and last section, or the little snowflake. 

Sink into it as the screen changes colour for each mutating track and don't forget to check out the other sections too, which feature video, release details and – as previously reported – a sizable collection of edits. Furthermore you can also listen to patten's December Dummy Mix, something akin to the most eclectic and unpredictable iTunes playlist ever, over here


01. Gold arc
02. Here always
03. Drift
04. Winter strobing
05. Softer
06. Pathways
07. 23-45
08. Key embedded
09. Agen
10. LL2

Warp Records will release 'ESTOILE NAIANT' on February 24th 2014.

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