30.06.2010, Words by Charlie Jones

Summer Camp release 7" and EP

The most excellent Folk/Soul duo will release 'Young' EP and a single, Round the Moon, on Moshi Moshi in September.

Like everyone in the British music media, we really like Summer Camp (established Folk musician Jeremy Warmsley and Platform editor Elizabeth Sankey) because they are warm, witty, can record peerless jams like Ghost Train, and, unlike most blogged-bands-that-sound-a-bit-hazy, seem like the sort of people you’d actually like to run into at a party.

So we’re very pleased that they’ve recorded this EP and single, which will both be released through Moshi Moshi in September.

Round the Moon 7” tracklisting

1. Round the Moon
2. It’s Summer

‘Young’ EP tracklisting

1. Round the Moon
2. Was It Worth It?
3. Veronica Sawyer
4. Why Don’t You Stay
5. Ghost Train
6. Jake Ryan

‘Young’ EP is out 6th September on CD/ Digital Download. Round the Moon is out 13th September on 7” vinyl.


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