05.02.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Syd tha Kid ft. Natel - Lay It Sideways

OFWGKTA member makes rough diamond of an R&B track available to listen on her Tumblr.

In the same vein as Syd tha Kyd’s dreamy breakthrough track Flashlight , the song she posted to her Tumblr this afternoon is a soft, smooth slice of R&B.

The description posted with the track, which is called ‘Lay It Sideways’, explains that it was the second song that Syd ever wrote, and credits the exquisite vocals to her cousin, Natel. The lyrics are thickly coated in R&B’s own brand of cheesy romance, with the promise of “strawberries and champagne” being offset by suggestive beats, making this a track a silly, indulgent pleasure.

Go to Syd’s Tumblr to hear the song for yourself. As Natel sings (although it’s safe to assume he’s not just talking about musical appreciation), “just close your eyes, and by the time you open them you’ll be satisfied.”

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