23.05.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Telepathe – Throw Away This [MP3]

The Brooklyn pair put out their first new music in ages (well, 2009), and it's a great, colourful glam-leaning trip.

Telepathe’s 2009 album ‘Dancemother’ still sounds fresh. There’s a wide-eyed, playful innocence about the textures their songs seem to be varnished with that captivates. They’re currently working on a second album in LA, but recently posted the song Throw Away This online. It seems less a finished product, more a rough indicator of where they might be heading next – the light sheen of their previous work is still present, but the whole thing seems more colourful, brighter, and the mood here is summery, fun, fresh-faced, and pop. No release details as yet, but it’s nice to hear from them again.

Telepathe are currently working on a new album

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