10.06.2013, Words by dummymag

The police are now turning up on doorsteps to battle online piracy

The police and FACT have turned things personal by turning up in person to threaten ten-year jail sentences to infringers.

The ante has just been upped again in the UK’s fight against online piracy, with the police and The Federation Against Copyright Theft now taking the battle directly to people’s doorsteps.

With police in London already having started sending letters threatening ten-year sentences to perceived profit-makers from copyright infringement, TorrentFreak are now reporting that they’ve taken things a step further. One owner of a website that allows access to the outlawed Pirate Bay had his second visit from FACT and the police this week. He told TorrentFreak: “They had another letter and a further warning, ‘demanding’ that I shut down [the website] before they take ‘criminal’ action against me”.

Continuing from reports last year that there was little dent in illegal downloaders following the Pirate Bay’s outlawing, the latest Ofcom figures suggest that the number of internet users aged 12 and over illegally downloading has gone up from 16% to 18% since their last report.


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