14.11.2012, Words by dummymag

Triad God - I Never Told You

Listen to this sedate cut from the New Cross rapper's re-released mixtape.

Here’s another track from Chinese/Vietnamese MC Triad God, AKA Vinh Soi Ngan, whose ‘NXB’ (‘New Cross Boys’) mixtape was re-mastered and re-released by trendsetting LA label Hippos In Tanks this week.

I Never Told You has an airy vibe, with trance-y piano stabs whose melody doesn’t always quite fall where the ear expects it to. Over this, Ngan nonchalantly murmurs the refrain “I never told you, I wanna hold you”, which sounds more unsettling the longer it goes on (I’m thinking of this). The whole thing slots right into the uncanny world of Hippos In Tanks; overly sheened production that falls perilously close to an excessively commercialised sound, but ends up occupying an altogether more wayward space.

I Never Told You by Triad God

Hippos in Tanks released ‘NXB’ on the 13th November

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