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30.04.2024, Words by DMY Staff

Farrah and Ro Nova Drop Music Video for 'Better'

Visuals follow a girls' night out in the city

Following the release of their collaborative single 'Better' two weeks ago, Farrah, and Ro Nova have returned with the unmissable music video.

In the track, which was born out of Farrah's lived experience, the British-Iranian R&B/pop artist calls out a charmer for lovebombing their way into girls' hearts and then disappearing, leaving them "bleeding red" with the sudden loss.

Farrah imagined a song that hit home for listeners while also bringing women together as a rallying cry of empowerment, singing: "Feel that freedom girl/ It’s only you in your world/ Like a diamond or pearl/ Don’t lose sight of your worth."

Fittingly, the music video follows Farrah and Ro Nova as they get the girls together for a night on the town. Clad in eye-catching silver trench coats, we watch as they collect their friends and head to an underground club.

Watch the music video for 'Better' on YouTube below.

'Better' is out now via DMY.

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