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19.07.2018, Words by dummymag

Video Premiere: Muna Ileiwat 'Baby'

Muna Ileiwat was born in New Jersey, grew up in The Netherlands and now lives in London. Finding home in her music, she draws inspiration from her experiences across cultures. Her music embodies an ethereal soundscape, combining rich harmonies, sparse guitar and distorted samples. 

Her debut single ‘Baby’ is a hypnotic, irresistible, leftfield, pop mantra that 'laments the loss of intimacy in a relationship'. Filmed in Nashville, Tennessee by New York's Tara Bayat the video is a woozy slice of indie Americana with Muna singing her mantra to camera. The single is being released by the female-led collective 'Galang' – a label and platform dedicated to female and non-binary musicians of colour. 

Watch exclusively below:


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