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21.03.2016, Words by dummymag

Watch Stormzy star in an Adidas Originals documentary

Earlier this year, Stormzy flew out to Tokyo, Japan with Adidas Originals to meet with designer NIGO about his new three-stripes collaborative range for the brand. During his trip, Stormzy was shot as part of a documentary in conjunction with the latest lookbook that is now available to watch.

Titled Where Do You Know Me From? the near seven-minute short film sees the grime MC discuss his pride at being the face of the collection. “This time, last year I’d been to Ghana once, and I think I might have gone on a school trip to Holland or something, but I’d never, like, travelled,” he says. “This is the dream! What is a South London boy doing in Tokyo?” 

The video also captures footage of a live performance in a city club, multiple fragments of Stormzy spitting bars (and possibly new material), and NIGO discussing why Stormzy was perfect to be the face of his collection. The trip also produced Stormzy's One Take Freestyle which you can watch here.

Watch Where Do You Know Me From? above.

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