24.09.2013, Words by dummymag

Wiley - And Again (ft. God's Gift)

Wiley's return to Big Dada has been framed as a homecoming after a tumultous spell with major label Warner – with the first song Flying extolling creative freedom and the second, 1 Step Further, showcasing verses from MCs Ghetts, Ice Kid, Tre Mission and Devlin. The latest in the single series features his old sparring partner and one-time bona fide adversary God's Gift delivering a gruff ragga-style chorus alongside Wiley opening by saying he's "spit[ting] bars like I'm on an old Roll Deep track" because he "went top five with a sound I will pursue but I got to let them know I ain't only that". Fair play to you Wil' mate.

Big Dada will release And Again on 21st October 2013. 

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