13.07.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Soon you will be able to get music from your Xbox and your facebook

Microsoft has announced "Xbox Music" service to be launched this year, whilst Facebook is rumoured to setting up a new service called "Vibes"

A new streaming service, known as “Xbox Music”, was announced by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer yesterday at a Microsoft partners event in the US. The console’s first ever music service is expected to launch on the Xbox Live community, and with over 11 million songs.

This will be the gaming console’s next step into the realm of music, following on from the launch of the Zune marketplace, the TV and movies platform to which music was recently added.

Meanwhile, it seems that other virtual giants are also trying to expand into the music business, as rumours are circulating that Facebook is preparing to launch a music service, potentially called “Vibes”.

Software developer Jeff Rose claims to have come across the coding for the secret program while trying to figure out how the new “Video Chat” feature on Facebook worked. Having already partnered with Skype to bring video calling to Facebook, reports from earlier this year suggested that Facebook might also be considering a partnership with streaming service Spotify.

These new announcements follow in the wake of Spotify’s expansion to the US which was confirmed last week.

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