13.12.2022, Words by Billy Ward

Lauren Duffus, Aliyah Lanay, Tala Silva and more front our BRAND NEW playlist

Listen to the hottest tracks from our carefully crafted playlist showcasing a number of under-the-radar artists

Incorporating talent from across the globe, check out five tracks taken from our meticulously-curated BRAND NEW playlist showcasing some of the most exciting up-and-coming talents around.

1. Lauren Duffus - 'Love Love Love'

2. Aliyah Lanay - 'Heavy on it'

3. Tala Silva - 'Call Back'

4. Venus Anon - 'Jessie' 

5. Sim Fane - 'like you (with MEYY)'

Like our BRAND NEW playlist here and follow Dummy on Spotify to stay ahead of the game on the freshest new music. [Other entries include: Pick a Piper, Gola Gianni, Layen_, Gold Fang, Kid Apollo, James Mantis, Theo Bleak, Aayanna, Charlotte Spiral, piglet, Bert, SEKI, Cactus, T-O, The KTNA, Meg Chandler and more.]

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