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24.04.2024, Words by DMY Staff

This is Where I Recorded and Mixed the Album and All the Gear I Used...With Yarni

Yarni talks us through the making of his lush new EP 'Little Island'

Our new regular feature inspired by Four Tet's infamous Tweet asks artists about the places they make music and the equipment they used to do it.

First up is Sheffield multi-instrumentalist Yarni who's new 'Little Island' EP is out now on DMY Artists. 'Little Island' is five tracks of lush electronica featuring melancholic strings from cellist Emily Marks - perfect for both discerning dancefloors and armchair ravers. The EP began as a live session for Deb Grant on BBC 6 Music and then developed into the EP you can listen to now. 

So where did Yarni make the EP?

"It’s quite ironic this, as I’ve just had to vacate my old studio due to the landlord redeveloping into more flats, because that’s what we need more of! The whole EP was recorded in my old space which included Emily Marks’ cello parts. The only externally sourced sounds are the field recordings you can hear in 'Little Island' which were captured on Little Island in New York."

Describe the place where you made the EP?

"My old studio in Sheffield has been described as having a Scandi-AirBnB-vibe about it. I try to make the space where I write and record, as close to a second home as possible. I surround myself with various trinkets, instruments and comforts such as a coffee machine and nice candles."

List and describe all the equipment that you used.

"My entire writing process is forged around capturing live takes and then editing to sculpt the final piece. Across the whole EP you’ll hear live drums, percussion and a bass guitar which make up the foundation of the tracks. I then blend in various field recordings and found sounds with my collection of synths which includes Nord Lead 2X, Roland Juno 6, Korg Minilogue XD and a Yahama TX81Z. The final piece in the puzzle was the late addition of Emily Marks’ cello which helped add in an organic element."

Describe the record you made - anything you learned or would do differently on the next EP?

"This EP is made up of five tracks which span from organic-electronica to disco-influenced house and it's this eclecticism that is ever-present throughout my entire back-catalogue. My biggest finding was how to blend in the cello and find that sweet-spot where it was complimentary to the whole EP and not feeling like it was bolted on at the end."

What would be the dream location for recording? 

"For me, the dream location probably doesn’t exist because it’s more about the tools around me rather than the space. On a very limited budget I have accumulated various bits of gear over the years which have enabled me to produce music which I’m very proud of. Maybe somewhere a little warmer than Sheffield because in the winter months you go to the studio and you can see your own breath it’s that cold!"

Any new equipment you would like to use on the next EP?

"My favourite era of recorded music is the 70s and in particular dead drum sounds. I’d love to be able to acquire a 70s Ludwig kit and a set of mics which were used in that era, maybe if you buy my 'Little Island' EP I’ll be able to afford them!"

'Little Island' is out now on DMY Artists.

Listen, stream, buy and download the EP via your preferred service here or on Spotify or Bandcamp below.

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