09.05.2013, Words by dummymag

Braqueberry - Blaque Won

A graduate of illustrious institution Red Bull Music Academy, Braqueberry is a Barcelonian who makes electronic music that definitely sits in the leftfield. It’s clubby, sure, but it’s all over the place too, and that’s exactly how we like it – a little weird and broken and rough round the edges. The video for Blaque Won is centred around the Amiga Workbench and the beautiful video game for the system, Another World.

The track is taken from the ‘WEMEN’ EP, which also includes another original track and remixes by Fade To Mind’s DJ MikeQ and frequent collaborator Divoli S’Vere, who do what they do best by twisting it into a vogue house anthem, and ICEE HOT head honcho and fellow RBMA grad Ghosts On Tape.

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