17.05.2023, Words by Billy Ward

Premiere: Albertina shares 'Waiting 4 Life' EP alongside new short film

"[It's] a personal philosophical adventure, exploring our obvious and vulnerable connection to nature and technology"

Rising talent Albertina continues to carve a prominent lane for herself within the industry with her new EP 'Waiting 4 Life'. 

Out today, the spell-binding, introspective project drops alongside a new self-directed short film which stretches the entire track list, bringing together internationally acclaimed director Delphino (Potter Payper,Nia Archives), Molly Daniels (Nilufer Yanya) and Alexandre De Oliveira as assistant directors. 

Seamlessly marrying the ethereal beauty of the natural world and the future of technology, Albertina is seen in rural Scotland waiting at a bus stop and journeying naked across mountains, forests and beaches draped in nothing but a silk green cloak, hand sewn by her mother. 

Embodying Albertina’s personal journey through grief, domestic violence, and addiction Waiting 4 Life represents the cycle of life showcasing Scottish woodlands near her parents’ house that have since been cut down as well as her bereaved dog, Wolfie.

Talking on the EP as a whole Albertina tells us: “I wrote ‘Waiting 4 Life’ in the middle of lockdown, when I was stuck between a house share in Deptford and my mum and stepdad’s house in rural Scotland. The project is very personal to me, at points during that time I felt lifeless, and needed a connection to a higher power, so the music was a calling to spirits for guidance and protection. 

"I was also heartbroken so love was on my mind, my wondering and overthinking are what created the layers to this imperfect creation. In contrast to me running naked through nature, for the end of the project we projected visuals next to Russell Square Station, it felt truly iconic. For me ultimately ‘Waiting 4 Life’ is a personal philosophical adventure, exploring our obvious and vulnerable connection to nature and technology's magic. I wanted to show a dystopian universe that is both enchantingly derived whilst being imperfect and natural, visually and sonically.”

Stream the 'Waiting 4 Life' EP below or listen with your preferred player here.

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