13.06.2013, Words by dummymag

Redinho - Stinger

Numbers have been fairly quiet as of recent when it comes to releases, having only put out a handful of records in the past 18 months, focusing instead on ventures like their Pleasure Principle festival. It’s probably just as well – after the monumental hype they had a couple of years back, it’s better to wind back rather than risk the inevitable burnout that comes with overexposure. All this has been changing though – the group are celebrating their 10th birthday this year, and have celebrated with releases from Rustie and Deadboy, and now they’ve shared some new material from the the very underrated Redinho.

Stinger is the first material from him since he released Stay Together in 2011, and it has a colourful animated video to match its hi-fi, bigger-than-big sound. The song will probably appear on his (allegedly self-titled) debut album, which has been oft-talked about on Twitter and is unofficially due later this year, and set to be the first album released on Numbers.

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