22.06.2012, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Thousand Foot Whale Claw - Phobos

It feels kind of redundant to talk about a Thousand Foot Whale Claw long player because the Texan four-piece don’t do anything but: tracks often clock in around the nine-minute mark. That said, Austin label Monofonus Press will be releasing their debut album ‘Dope Moons Vol. 1’ on 10th July and it’s very deserving of your time. I have their last tape – ‘Lost In The Sand Dunes’ – and regularly use it to recalibrate my brain. Seriously: those vibrations calm me down. This new record takes that cleansing power to an intricately rhythmic level. Phobos, the first cut and illustrated here with an undulating acid landscape video by Morgan Coy, is on some spaced out, melodic techno tip, almost like Underground Resistance gone new age. Listen/watch above plus check the cover art below.

Monofonus Press will release ‘Dope Moons Vol. 1’ on 10th July 2012


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