16.08.2023, Words by Billy Ward

Two Shell share glitched-out animated visual for 'ghost2'

The new video arrives after the duo headlined our DMY stage at Wide Awake earlier this summer

Enigmatic dance duo Two Shell return with a brand new video for 'ghost2' to wrap up another successful summer. 

After headlining our DMY x Moth Club stage at Wide Awake, as well as turning in some iconic performances at Glastonbury and beyond, Two Shell and their dedicated cult following are quickly taking over the UK dance scene. 

'ghost2' made its first official appearance as part of their surprise ‘lil spirits’ EP in February of this year, first revealed as a five-tracker through imprint Mainframe Audio

The press release for the new video includes a cryptic monologue, stating: "hey,, not sure if you’ll see this but i dont know what else to do. i cant get rid of this feeling. like i'm on my own even tho there people around. it sort of feels like everyon has forgotten about me and the world is happening around me. cant seem to get a grip and cant connect. and i'm trying like i've really given it my best, like i tol you i would - but all the systems - the ones you know, that keep me good? 

"they dont it's not working and i just dont know anymore. i dont know how much longer i can keep being invisible. starting to lose track of the line - it felt sad and then like nothing, numb. now its like im scared a bit wondering if its never going to stop scared to go down this path scared to feel like this forever i dont know how long i can take it."

Watch the new music video above or stream the single here. 

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