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08.03.2017, Words by dummymag

10 Best House Records For 1 Euro on Discogs according to Art Alfie

Acclaimed Stockholm producer Oscar Wedren (aka Art Alfie) dropped his album 'Reveries Of' on Studio Barnhus this week. Lead track 'Greg's Island' is all honey organ chords and rolling reggae basslines and the rest of the album continues in a similarly playful vein. As the press release says: "While writing 'Reveries Of', Art Alfie freed himself of all conceptual footholds, delving instead deep into his archives of old and new memories and feels, working with impromptu field recordings and emotionally-guided sampling processes. He came back with an intricate and personal debut album and he didn't lose his groove on the way."

As if any more proof of his sense of fun was needed Art Alfie delved into the internet's bargain bin for Dummy and came up with some gems that could be your's for 10 Euro the lot. You're welcome.

Ultra Naté ‎– Found A Cure

Art Alfie: "I'm in to the Mood 2 Swing 'Rascal Dub' here. This is not for all dancefloors but when it’s right it's so, so, so right. I've noticed Rahdoo has been playing it. It starts with this swinging sort of dubstep beat and builds up and switches to a 4/4 house beat in a John Ciafone-style (one of my fave producers)."

Onionz & Joeski ‎– Tatoo Session

”This one here, I can’t believe this is so cheap. I’ve had so many goosebumps moments with this record, one in particular in Panorama Bar with open blinds, carnival vibes all over. Probably one of the most overlooked tracks of all time."

DJ Dove Presents The Bottle King ‎– Feel The Sun / Got Somethin' Special

”D’Julz pointed this one out to me. We were record shopping at this warehouse in Stockholm where an acquaintance of mine stored all his records (which is quite a few records since he had a couple of record stores and also his father had a couple before him). Great driving filter house sound here, kinda light in the bottom which builds load of tension."

Hipp-E & Tony ‎– Interactive Night EP

”Hipp-E & Halo or H-Foundation was one of my very first favourites when I started to get into dance music. Here’s Hipp-E together with Tony for some classic millennial west coast house sound, super groovy with long hypnotic arrangements.”

East 17 ‎– Danny Tenaglia Presents Hold My Body Tight

"I can’t really remember how I came across this and it ended up in my 'want list' on Discogs. But I would guess it was through Mr. Tophat. He’s such a digger and put me on to so many fantastic records. This one is from the era when all the major releases did proper club remixes for their release, and a lot them are really good. This is a super groovy tribal track from the living legend Danny Tennaglia. The dub version is the one." 

Harry Romero Feat. Robert Owens ‎– I Go Back

"A bit of a classic I suppose. New York big room acid vibes and the beautiful voice of Robert Owens and a couple of massive breaks just barely within the cheese limits. Dirt cheap one sided vinyl. A lot of tracks are available both digitally and on vinyl. Some sound better digitally for sure. But then some just sound better for my sound on vinyl, this is one of them. The production is just too polished otherwise, for me at least."

Dajae ‎– Day By Day (DJ Sneak Remixes)

"A record containing two highly efficientChicagoo burners courtesy of DJ Sneak. It’s mastered by the engineer that is probably my favourite master engineer of all time Mark Richardsson of Praire Cat Mastering. He retired a couple of years ago but before he did we had the honour of having him master the whole KVK series for us."  

Gene Farris ‎– Low Down Dirty World

"Demented filter house from planet Tatooine. It's built around looping horns that just keep on going and going. Gene Farris released so many great records and a lot of them are not that expensive." 

DJ Jes ‎– Shape-Shifter

"DJ Jes is such an overlooked artist from the Chicagoo house scene. We had the pleasure of releasing a fantastic EP from him on Karlovak the other year (that too a bit overlooked in my opinion). Jes has this certain swag to his production, it’s very classic but also 100% him every time. He’s still active and still lives in Chicago." 

Mood II Swing ‎– The Slippery Track Remixes Part 2

"The classic original is featured on this remix record. I don’t think this track really needs that much of an introduction. Its one of the true classics that's been played out for decades since it’s original release in 2000."  

Listen to 'Greg's Island':

Art Alfie 'Reveries Of' is out now on Studio Barnhus.

Stream: http://spoti.fi/2mBOPAF

Buy (iTunes): http://apple.co/2neKy38

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